Jihadist Monkeys Added To No-Fly List

Head Muscle Press (14 July 2010) – Just two days after reports that terrorists were training monkeys to be gun wielding jihadists, Janet Napolitano held a press conference to address the new threat. In what was largely heralded as a vain attempt to appear somewhat concerned about our national security, Napolitano announced that all known radicalized jihadist monkeys would be immediately placed on the TSA no-fly list.  “The first thing that we must do is protect our skies from these furry fellons,” Secretary Napolitano announced to assembled press and politicians. “In that light, I am personally directing the TSA to swing into action on this matter.” According to Secretary Napolitano, any monkey that buys a first class one way ticket with cash will be investigated and,  if appropriate, added to the list.

“This should prove to skeptics once and for all that the Secretary is deadly serious about our national security,” an unnamed DHS official noted to HM reporters after the announcement.  “Americans can rest assured that not one innocent life will be taken by flying monkeys on her watch!” Other DHS staff were not so confident however. “This is a pretty big gamble, one TSA official confided. “I mean, we have to be right 100% of the time, but the monkeys only have to be right once…”

According to the new directive, pistol packing primates will be required to either check their weapons with their luggage, or show valid law enforcement credentials to TSA agents at airport security gates.  Other common monkey carry-ons like bananas, cymbals, those little red fezzes, and small termite mounds will be allowed as long as they are sealed in 32 ounce zip lock bags.

In a swift reaction to this new directive, Bobo, the national chairman of CAIR (Chimpanzees Advocating Islamic Revolution), declared that ninety percent of all monkeys were peaceful hard working hominids and that the new DHS policy amounted to nothing less than primate profiling.  He noted that most monkeys would never see, speak, nor hear of such evil, and that CAIR was in talks with the ACLU about possible legal action against DHS.  When Head Muscle reporters tried to press him on the issue however, noting that monkeys could be pretty mean, he became agitated and started throwing his poop.

PETA also spoke up in opposition, stating that the new directive would precipitate a backlash against monkeys around the world.  “It really is tragic,” a PETA spokesperson commented to HM. “Our culture is already full of negative monkey images, and this only adds fuel to the fire.  Just look at what the media has done over the years. First you have King Kong wrecking Manhattan, then King Louie kidnapping Mowgli the man cub, and let’s not even get into the whole Wizard of Oz thing! It should be no surprise to anyone that monkeys are getting kicked off airplanes!”

Charles Bolden of NASA weighed in as well, reminding the world that monkeys actually went into space months before humans, and that we should all be mindful of their contributions to science and culture. “NASA will do everthing in its power to ensure that monkeys around the world know that they are special…even if they have really weird looking butts,” he announced.

Despite all the  criticisms, President Obama released a brief statement noting that the steps taken by Secretary Napolitano, though unfortunate, were absolutely critical to our national security. He also noted that if Bush had addressed the radical monkey issue years ago instead of wasting time in Iraq, the current crisis could have been avoided.

Though no other animal species have stepped up in solidarity with the monkeys, a group of three toed sloths released a statement today urging caution in implementing the new directive.  In their statement they made it clear that, though there are some physical similarities, sloths are ‘xenarthrans’ and not related to primates in any way. The group also noted that sloths are by nature agnostic, and not prone to acts of martyrdom. <<Developing>>

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3 thoughts on “Jihadist Monkeys Added To No-Fly List

  1. Furry felons, TSA swings into action, CAIR.. Chimps…. etc., Charles Bolden comments, blaming Bush!!!
    Super funny, interesting, informative and a reflective commentary about current life, HeadMuscle!…

  2. I am disappointed that VP Biden has yet to weigh in on this vital issue. After all, he is recognized as a progenitor of “monkey business”, “monkeyshines”, “monkey see, monkey do”.

  3. This just in: PETA and the ACLU have filed a joint lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of GARP (Gibbons Against Racial Profiling). GARP spokesman Robin Williams announced the legal action late Monday night after several hours of meditation and flea-picking with the group:

    “For too long, Gibbons have endured the trials and tribulations of being classified by ‘some’ as a so-called ‘lesser ape’. Sure, Gibbons are smaller; yes, they exhibit low sexual dimorphism, in not making nests, and in certain anatomical details; but shall they endure this level of racial profiling simply because they superficially more closely resemble monkeys than the so-called ‘great apes’ do? The fact remains that Gibbons also display pair-bonding, like humans but unlike the rest of the great apes.

    “When will we in the world cease this endless ‘classification’? When will my Gibbon brothers and sisters be recognized for the content of their character rather than the distance they can throw their feces? How long will we stand by and tolerate this affront to Gibbons simply because of the bad acts of a few damn dirty monkeys?”

    President Obama, on his 15th vacation this month, declined to officially comment on the matter until “all the facts are in”, but added that it seemed to him that the monkeys have “acted stupidly”.

    Film at 11.

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