The Face of Terror

ht_hasan_hood_091105_mainTake a close look at this face and remember it. You have seen it many times over the past decade.   It is the face that kills the innocent, makes sons and daughters orphans, and leaves wives as widows.  It is the face that tears down goodness and builds anguish and anarchy in its place. It is hatred, vile and black.  It loves what should be loathed and embraces what should be cast aside.  Take a close look at this face and remember it, because there are may out there who zealously deny its existence and ridicule anyone who suggests its presence in the world.  There are also those who acknowledge the face for what it is, but  blame others for its actions.  “It was our fault that 9-11 happened because we are the real terrorists,” they say in defense of the face.

Take a look at this face because, even by the most conservative estimates, there are at least another 10,200,000 of them out there… waiting.  They are looking to kill your daughters and wives – they have said so. They want everything you have including your life.  They want to replace freedom with smoke, rubble, twisted steel, and severed heads.  They are planning right now, just like Major Nidal Malik Hassan did.  Time is on their side and they know it.  They know that we have to win every time and they only have to win once.  They are committed, ready, and willing to do whatever it takes to destroy what we love.  Not because it is bad, but because we love it.

Take a good look at this face. Even though it is smiling it hates you.  Its every thought is of your demise, and it will sing praises even as you beg for mercy. It will spit at you with its last breath.  It relies on your underestimation, your lack of concern, your busy day, your skepticism, and your denial in order to succeed.  It knows that it has an ally in our weak and misguided and uses them to further its goals.  Goals that lead up to days like today.  I builds its plans on false trust.  It will be your best friend right before it kills you.

Take a good look at this face, because it is looking for you. Its dark god hungers, and your misery is its only nourishment.  Take a good look at this face. It is the face of terror – the darkest evil.  It knows who you are, can you say the same?

Head Muscle’s deepest prayers go out to the victims of today’s terrorist attack on Ft Hood, the home of America’s Fourth Infantry Division.  May the God of  Abraham bless you and keep you in this hour of great despair.

Godspeed to the fighting Fourth Infantry Division!

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Unsafe Abortion?

Brave New World – Planned Parenthood has announced on their website that they are now promoting the right to “safe” abortions.  Yes, that is what I said,“safe abortions!” More specifically the site states:

Abortion Quote

So, here is my question, isn’t murder always inherently unsafe to the victim?  I am not a seasoned occupational safety guy, but I have yet to find an OSHA standard for safe murder!  What could it possibly say if it existed?

Osha Pic

The fact is there can be no such thing as a “safe” abortion anymore than there can be a safe murder. By definition they are all unsafe!  Planned Parenthood’s site goes on to note that 19 million women around the world have unsafe abortions each year. What they fail to mention, is that in the United States alone since 1973 over 49 million babies have had unsafe abortions. They, unlike the 19 million women of concern, are all DEAD.

So let’s hold onto this thought for a moment and go way back in time (make the go back in time noise here) to the trial of our good friend Ted Bundy. You remember Ted right? Say hi Ted…


Ted confessed to the brutal murder of about 30 women. Authorities concede however, that the actual number may have been as high as 100. Ted brutally bludgeoned and raped each one of his victims in addition to committing other unspeakable acts.  Now, let’s apply the Planned Parenthood “safe murder” doctrine to Ted’s trial.

Judge: Mr. Bundy – you are charged with the brutal murder of 30 women. What do you have to say for yourself?

Ted: Guilty as charged judge.

Judge: Fine. Before we begin this trial however, I just have one question for you.

Ted: Yes your honor?

Judge: How are you?

Ted: Excuse me sir?

Judge: Well you beat those girls to death with pipes and bats, and all reports say you were not wearing any eye protection or protective outer garments. You could have really hurt yourself!

Ted: Well I appreciate your concern, but I don’t see what….

Judge: Mr. Bundy, do you know how many murderers accidentally hurt or even kill themselves in the process of murdering?  Murdering people is dangerous…what if one of those girls had poked you in the eye? You could have slipped on their blood and broken your neck! What were you thinking?

OK … you get it – right?  That is a pretty twisted scene I just dramatized. No one would have stood for it with Ted, yet we embrace the exact same scenario with abortion to the tune of 1.2 million infant deaths per year. Our caring compassionate society commits murder and focuses its concern on the welfare of the perpetrator. This is, at best,  mass insanity. The numbers below make Hitler look like an amateur.

According to the National Right to Life website:

NRTL Stats

Not only are we failing to stand up for the victims, we have a nationally recognized institution that is committed to the safety of the murderers.  History also reminds us that any society that kills its own people will ultimately destroy itself in the process. When I think of the twisted hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood’s position and how we have accepted it as…well acceptable, I cannot help but recall one of the three slogans carved on the Ministry of Truth building in George Orwell’s 1984:


Clearly these words ring true for the Pro-Choice crowd.  Let’s make unsafe abortions safe for the victims, and we will solve the other problem as well.