What’s In Your Hamburger?

I would like to start out by apologizing to all my loyal Head Muscle readers for what you are about to see.  I have made it a top priority at HM to try to provide my readers with the highest quality work and ensure that all posts are relevant, well reasoned, and at least somewhat thought provoking.  This post is the clear exception however.  A good friend of mine, Tracey, took this photo at a local DC McDonald’s a couple of weeks ago and sent it to me.  It is simply too funny not to share. So, thanks Tracey for helping me develop the first HM post completely devoid of any meaningful content.

I have to admit though, this photo does give rise to some probing questions like:

Is Michael Moore inside?

Is it a new type of Happy Meal?

Does it come super sized?

Did Ronald approve this?

Did McDonald’s take TARP funds?

Can I just get an apple pie instead?

Maybe I am just reading too much into it…by the way…what is in those hamburgers?

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