The Power of Belief

In the latest Fox News Poll Herman Cain has surged to the number one position, and he is even starting to edge in front of the GOP’s favorite son Mitt Romney in Iowa.  Now just a few weeks ago, this scenario would have been inconceivable to almost everyone…except maybe Herman.

There are many things that fascinate me about the Cain phenomena. He is frank, clear on his positions, firm in his refusal to take cheap shots at his opponents, and an electrifying speaker. He is fresh, non-political, and genuinely honest about areas in which he will need to develop his expertise.  As refreshing as all this is however, it is his “belief” in the possible that is most fascinating.

Herman Cain truly believes that he can be President of the United States of America! Even though the odds have been strongly stacked against him, he has remained steadfastly in the fight, winking wryly at all his detractors. He has a vision for this nation and truly believes that he can beat the odds and win!

Now some people may confuse this belief with ego.  Yes…I am sure Mr. Cain is an extremely confident person and requires little self-esteem counseling, but what we see in him is not the typical self-promoting narcissism of the average politician. To the contrary, it is a genuine, almost selfless, belief in America.

When I look at the other candidates I am overwhelmed with the impression that they feel that they “should” be President.  When I listen to Romney I hear a smoothly polished politician who sees the White House as his next achievement.  It is almost as if he is more focused on the office than the objective. To the contrary, when I look at Cain I see a certain innocent, yet determined, optimism that I have not seen since Ronald Reagan.  It is an optimism unblemished by years of political gamesmanship and compromise.  It is the look of someone who sees the Presidency as the means…not the ends.  He is not being driven by an office, but by a vision for America – and it is powerful.

Like Reagan, Cain believes in the boundless potential of our nation and its people, and this is what is driving him forward against the odds.  He is not bound by the limitations and labels that others have placed upon him, and the American people are taking notice by the millions.  Make no mistake, Herman Cain is not surging in the polls because he is perfect. He is rising is the polls because he truly believes in what “we the people” can do..not the government, and this belief is giving Americans a new type of hope – hope in themselves. PoliticalBlogger Alliance

16 thoughts on “The Power of Belief

  1. Chuck, I do see the appeal of Cain but there is a fundamental question that you must be able to answer before you endorse him. Do you believe that the President of the United States can be successful solely on the strength of his cabinet and White House advisers? If the answer is no, then Cain cannot be your man. He is a businessman woefully ill informed on matters of foreign policy, and economics based on his inadequate 9-9-9 solution.

    The big gripe against Barack Obama in 2008 was lack of experience. Cain makes the 2008 Obama look like an elder statesman.

    • Hey Rutherford! Thanks for stopping by. As one would anticipate however, we disagree on these points.

      First, I do not buy your assertion that Cain will govern solely on the strength of his cabinet. This infers that he has zero governing ability on his own. To the contrary, I would contend that as a business man he has and in-depth understanding as well as front line experience with our economy. As a businessman myself, I could devote an entire blog to economic principles. I would contend that there are no better economists than the businessmen and women who fuel the economy with commerce. They produce the goods, they produce the jobs, they produce the value to stockholders…not the government.

      I also disagree that the 9-9-9 plan is regressive. BTW, many conservatives share your view here. I think that if you look a the full economic impact of his plan, it will increase revenue, increase wealth, more fairly distribute burden, and stimulate growth and competition.

      Finally, I disagree with your assertion that Cain makes Obama look like an elder statesman. Admittedly, he is not a seasoned foreign policy expert, but then again neither was Mr. Obama. I also contend that this is not a foreign policy election, but a jobs election and in this vein, Obama (our more experienced leader) has failed miserably. Our foreign policy is important, but secondary to most of the domestic issues that plague us now. Cain, like many of our Presidents, will learn the nuances of foreign diplomacy, but in the areas that matter in 2012, he has vastly greater experience than Obama ever had…or ever will have.

      Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate the thoughtful debate you bring to Head Muscle.

  2. Herman Cain certainly is refreshing in that he does come across as an honest man. This so called sexual harassment “scandal” does nothing to change my mind about him. In particular since it happened at a time when that was how you took down someone in any sort of position of power that was a male. That, or ask them in public if they still beat their wife…

    That said, I do still have some questions for Mr. Cain about his Second Amendment positions, as well as the simple fact that the 999 plan will raise taxes. Which I am steadfastly opposed too.

    • I am just worried we are going to nominate an establishment guy…who could not win the nomination on the last go-round.

      As for the 9-9-9 plan, I posted a reply to this in a previous post. Not sure I agree that taxes will raise. They may for some who pay nothing however…

  3. How anyone can disparage Herman Cain for “lack of experience” and then hold up Obama as a an “elder statesman” is beyond my comprehension. Herman Cain has an extensive record as a successful businessman and has brough himself up from a difficult early life. Whereas the pampered Mr. Obama, who was rushed through life without achieving major accomplishments (considering his flimsy record as a student, job-holder with practically no experience outside of government-sponsored positions, and politician) is undoubtedly one of the least qualified individuals ever to have inhabited the White House. His dismal record as Presidential Pretender and his avoidance of his campaign promises hardly pad his resume.

    • I said COMPARED to Herman Cain, Obama is an elder statesman. I’m not contesting Obama’s lack of prep for the job, which has been borne out over the past three years (at least in the area of domestic policy). But please don’t tell me Herman Cain is ready for primetime. If you really believe this, you are living in a parallel reality.

      • If I am, I hope it is the one where Spock has the cool beard…..

        LOL that was good. Just to clarify Chuck, my parallel reality comment was directed at Maine, not at you.

        Chuck, while I’m here, I have a question for you. To what extent do you think Cain’s current popularity is truly pro-Cain rather than anti-Romney?

      • And, in your opinion, why is Mr. Cain not ready for “prime time”? And who would, in your estimation, be the best challenger to face Mr. Obama? Must be someone out there, since you appear to have some questions about our current President’s ability to lead our nation out of the wilderness. Or am I interpreting your remarks inaccurately through the veil caused by the audacity of my (and many others) conviction that Mr. Cain has something to offer our currently deplorable national political situation?

      • Maine, Cain’s unreadiness for office is so stunningly obvious that I have trouble believing you’re sincerely asking me the question. If all we wanted or needed was someone with good business sense then Cain might be a viable option. But we live in a dangerous world. A President who does not know that China is a nuclear power, who would be willing to empty GITMO in exchange for a hostage, who is unfamiliar with concepts revolving around Israel and Palestine is not the right President for these times. Yes, I know Cain has amended each of these gaffes but doesn’t it look like he’s making it up as he goes along?

        There are only two GOP contenders whom I feel have any credibility right now. One is Jon Huntsman whose resume is impeccable (domestic executive experience combined with foreign affairs experience). And sadly another man who has zero chance — Ron Paul. Paul’s foreign policy is EXACTLY what we need right now.

      • Interesting that the reasons you list that you feel make Mr. Cain a poor choice for President bear a strong resemblance to the impressions that Barack Obama has given. Talk about making it up as you go along …… and producing a notable lack of success. Neither of your choices for a strong Republican candidate appeal to me; one is too much an establishment figure that provides little in the way of viable solutions for the problems that America faces and the other’s extremist views would guarantee immediate gridlock – if not downright rejection – on the part of Congress. You can disparage Mr. Cain and those who are willing to consider his candidacy all you want, but some people are unwilling to continue to accept the status quo from the political establishment (both parties) that has created the mess we face. Fresh ideas are desperately needed along with fresh faces not beholden to the Washington establishment.

  4. Good question. I actually think that it may be a bit of both. As Perry and Romney have dropped in the polls, Cain has risen steadily…even after the latest bloodletting. So some folks clearly seem to be pulling stakes from Romney’s camp and moving over.

    I think that the larger part of it however comes from voters who are inspired by Cain’s vision. You have a large number of conservative voters who are just now getting motivated to “step out” for him. Like him or not, he is clearly touching a chord with the voters.

    Just my thoughts….
    Live long and prosper.

  5. the other’s extremist views would guarantee immediate gridlock – if not downright rejection – on the part of Congress.

    Maine, I see an inconsistency here, You applaud Herman Cain for being anti-establishment and in the same breath dismiss Ron Paul as an extremist. The only way in which I see Cain differing from the status quo is in his desire to drastically overhaul the tax code. When it comes to foreign policy, what little he understands, puts him smack dab in the conservative status quo. Paul on the other hand, would radically change our foreign policy, saving us money and probably doing more for our reputation abroad (particularly among Muslims) than Obama has been able to achieve.

    I will say this to you and Chuck, I watched Cain tonight in his “Lincoln-Douglas Debate” with Newt Gingrich and when he confines himself to business-based observations, he is cogent and quite intelligent. Unfortunately, as I’ve said before, it takes more than that to be a good President.

    By the way, I just found out that in the first debate back in August, Cain quoted from …. “Pokemon, the Movie 2000“. This is Presidential?

  6. I have not labeled Mr. Cain as “anti-establishment”, but described him as not being part of the current political estblishment or, an “outsider” (as was Barack Obama in many ways, but how has that worked out?) Ron Paul is certainly a part of the political establishment, despite his contrarian ways, as is any current member of Congress. I am not in favor of isolationism, nor of “empire building”, and from what I have seen of Rep. Ron Paul he does not have what I feel are many reasonable dolutions for America’s problems. My personal evaluation, of course – I think that I still have the freedom to make those choices.

    I am looking for a strong fiscal conservative and a leader who will rein in government spending and curtail social policies that contribute to dependence and abrogation of personal responsibility, traits that I feel have contributed significantly to overspending and debt.

    As for the Cain reference that you have selected, a good quote is a good quote no matter what the source. I can think of many examples of non-Presidential behavior, much of which has nothing in common with a quote that someone considers a positive message.

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