Cain Is Most Able

Many of my more faithful readers will know that there has not been much activity on Head Muscle the past several months.  The reason for this simple…I lost my energy.  Political blogs are a great thing, but sometimes it seems that one gets in a rut of just regurgitating the same old objections and hearing the same tired arguments.  The plain truth is, I got to a point where I felt as if I was putting more into it than I was getting out of it.

Now don’t get me wrong….this has absolutely nothing to do with my fine and able companions out there in the blogosphere.  My fellow bloggers have towed the line nobly and continue to do so with exacting precision and insight.  All that said however, watching our great nation literally collapse under the misguided vision of our current administration was so emotionally draining, I just lost my steam. The furnace went cold.

When the debates started a few months ago I watched ambivalently as the usual suspects  Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron (the kook) Paul, took the stage.  “Wasn’t this the group of folks that lost to Obama the first time?” I could not help but think.  Then this fellow named Herman Cain started talking, and he really got my attention.  Here was a business man with no real political experience making everyone else on stage sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher…wah wah wah wah…you know what I mean.  When I finished watching the first debate I visited his website at Herman Cain for President and really started to dig into who this guy was.  Needless to say I liked what I read, and have since become an ardent Herman Cain supporter.

Over the last several months I have been trying to figure out what to do with Head Muscle.  I still did not have the zeal to jump back into the political issue du jour, but felt that there was still something productive I could do with it.  When Mr. Cain won the Florida straw poll this past week, I knew without a doubt that Head Muscle had a new calling.

Ladies and gentlemen make no mistake about it; our nation is in the middle of a revolution. It is not violent one, but it is a revolution nonetheless.  Our current administration is presiding over the worst economy since the great depression and they are zealously digging the hole deeper. We have anarchists trying to shut down Wall Street, Michael Moore threatening violence, and a stock market in a state of fiscal schizophrenia. In the midst of all this mayhem, our illustrious leader is helping out by blaming everyone’s misfortune on the rich!  Put plainly…we as a nation are in deep kimchi.

So I have decided that instead of letting Head Muscle fade away, I am going to devote it for the foreseeable future to promoting the one person that I believe has the experience, common sense, moral character, and clarity of vision necessary to pull this great nation out of the quicksand. I truly believe that the perilous times we find ourselves in call for a leader and a visionary the likes of Mr. Cain. We need someone who will embrace the free market principles that  made this the greatest country on earth; someone who believes in American exceptionalism and will not settle for making us less that what we are.  We need someone who can carry Ronald Reagan’s dream of  “a shining city on a hill” to its final realization without apologizing or looking back.  When I look at Romney, Perry, Paul, Bachmann, and Gingrich all I see is politics as usual…and these are not usual times.

Now I grant you that Herman Cain has little experience in the political world. In fact he has never even held a major political office. This lack of political experience is an incontrovertible fact.  I would remind you however…as Herman himself noted…that it has been the “seasoned” politicians that have driven us into the wall at full speed?  Yes my friends, we need a change…real change….and his name is Herman Cain.

Please check into Head Muscle regularly for much more insight on the Cain campaign, and don’t forget to go to the Cain for President website yourself and read about the man firsthand.  I would also like to urge all of my fellow bloggers to become active in the Cain campaign. You can check out our Twitter feed @blogforCain for up to the moment updates,  and please consider linking Head Muscle to your sites. I would also like to add as many links as I can to the sites of fellow Cain supporters, so please leave me your URL in a comment. Our goal is to start a grass roots network of blogs all working together to help our nation realize Herman Cain’s vision.

If you think Romney and Perry have things all locked up, let me remind you that folks were saying the very same thing about Hillary back in 2007. If Obama could do it…so Cain we! PoliticalBlogger Alliance

5 thoughts on “Cain Is Most Able

    • Hey Patrick,
      Yeah life has been happening and keeping me away from the keyboard. I have to admit however, Mr. Cain has given me new zeal for key tapping. It is early in the race at this point, and stars can shine and burn out completely in just a couple of media cycles. We will see how long he can stay on top. I truly hope he can make it all the way. What really sold me was his 9-9-9 plan. It is simple, makes good common sense, and puts money back into the pockets of hard working middle class Americans. Almost sounds too good to be true.

      Take care,

      • The 999 plan has components of both the FAIR Tax and the FLAT Tax, and, it will never get passed. Not once most Americans figure out that in reality nearly everyone will be paying more in taxes. I may do a piece on this, but time and miles will dictate that.

  1. I have heard quite a few opinions on this and have mixed feelings on most of the analysis I have heard. First, I think your are absolutely correct in one respect; the 49.5% of Americans who currently pay nothing will get at tax increase. I am not sure that I have a problem with this. For most middle income and upper income earners…job creators….many will actually see a tax decrease depending on state sales tax rates and consumption habits.

    I believe that this is a much better system that the current one where the top 1% pays 40 percent of the freight. This is compared to the bottom 50% which pays about 3% combined.

    The 9-9-9 plan may increase some folk’s bill, but overall it makes for a much more equitable split across the population.

    We are also looking at the numbers without considering that the increased prosperity that many in the middle and lower income ranges will experience from increased salaries, better work opportunities, higher sales commissions, and growing (vice shrinking) retirement accounts.

    My last comment is that folks will also have discretion on how much they buy and their resulting taxes. It will not necessarily decrease sales as some have suggested however. People will still buy things, but they will be more price sensitive. This will result in more robust competition and improved efficiency. With less regulation and lower corporate taxes smart companies will be able to reduce consumer prices, hire more workers, and improve sales.

    All that being said, I agree with you on another point as well. I, like you, seriously doubt that 9-9-9 will ever become law. I do think however that it will open the door to a “serious” fair/flat tax discussion and that alone will help the economy.

    Just my take.

  2. Welcome back Chuck! Damn, it is good to hear from you.

    Herman Cain is an interesting candidate and if he ever gets some serious financial banking, then the horse race will be close indeed. Don’t know if this is possible, since the majority of the “big money” boys are not going to be supportive of his tax plans and because of the possibility that under a Cain Presidency the influence wielded by special interests may well decline. In addition, Mr. Cain has voiced support for a major overhaul of our tax code, which by itself would provide a significant boost to government revenues; but of course affecting the profits of many.

    All that being said, I like the man and his proposals and to me, this is a true example of what a “citizen candidate” can and should be. Therefore, look for increasingly active and virulent opposition from both the Washington crowd and the political establishment of both major parties.

    If Mr. Cain can withstand this – and use it to his advantage – then perhaps we have indeed found a unifying leader that the country so desperately needs.

    Good luck with your new crusade. I will be proud to help where I can.

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