A Thank You Letter to Massachusetts

Dear Voters of Massachusetts,

On April 19, 1775 the very first official shots of the American Revolutionary War were fired in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. At the North Bridge in Concord, a ragtag group of a few hundred militiamen decisively defeated three companies of British Regulars. This battle, though minor in scope, served as proof to the young 13 colonies that the British Empire could, in fact, be defeated.  It gave courage and resolve to our leaders, and inspired everyone who dreamed of freedom and self-determination.  It would also inspire Ralph Waldo Emerson to write his famous “Concord Hymn” in which he coins a popular phrase:

“By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled;

Here once the embattled farmers stood,

And fired the shot heard ’round the world.”

This shot would not only resonate across the 13 colonies, but across the Atlantic Ocean to the British Empire and Europe as well. It was the opening salvo of a revolution that would give birth to a democracy of “free citizens” the likes of which the world had never seen.  Instead of power, subjugation, monarchy, and privilege it would be built upon ideals such as human rights, dignity, the rule of law, and freedom.  It was a shot that changed the world forever, and it all started with a handful of dedicated Massachusetts farmers. Today, every American owes a debt of gratitude to these fearless men who stood their ground and ultimately defeated an oppressive empire.

Once again, 234 years later, our nation owes a new debt of gratitude to you, the people of Massachusetts, for firing another shot heard ’round the world.  Not with muskets this time, but with your ballots.  Once again you have stood your ground at the North Bridge and refused to be ruled by an oppressive government.  Though the odds were firmly set against you, you refused to accept the condescending rule of the Democrat Party and asserted your independence in a way that shocked our government and inspired your fellow Americans.  Because of your bold action, Tuesday 19 January, 2010 could well go down in history as the beginning of nothing less than a new American Revolution.   It will be a revolution based on concepts such as individual freedom, conservative principles, lower taxes, less spending, and smaller government.  Even more importantly though, in just one day, you were able to accomplish what our conservative leadership in DC has not been able to achieve.  You reminded the Obama Administration just exactly who they work for….We The People. Though it is without question that they won by popular vote, this past Tuesday should serve as a harsh reminder to them however, that a government cannot alienate over half of its citizenry and hope to prevail.

It is difficult to recall a point in our history when the election of just one senator had such a profound impact on our nation.  Think about it.  This one election has stopped the government dead in its tracks. The election of Scott Brown has effectively stopped the health care bill,  killed cap-and-trade, eliminated any attempt at passing the fairness doctrine, and may just improve our national security.  His election has stripped the Democrat Party of their monopoly of power and has, in effect, given them  the good rigorous spanking they so richly deserved.  Over the past two days since his election, we have seen our Democrat leadership stare into the headlights of the oncoming rebellion like timid deer unsure of whether to run or freeze in place and accept death.  We have seen the President scramble to find a new message that might help him regain his populist appeal, and Democrats in both houses head for the hills in an attempt to protect their jobs.  This little state of proud Americans has sent a message to our bloated, power hungry, money crazy government that their days are numbered and that, no matter how powerful that they think they are, the American voter is still stronger.

So to the independents and conservatives of Massachusetts who, once again, have lit the powder keg of revolution, Head Muscle would like to say thank you on behalf of freedom loving Americans everywhere.  You have inspired us at a point when many had lost hope. You have reminded us, by your action, that our democracy is stronger than any sitting government.  You have taken on the task of fixing what our leadership could not and, in doing so, have done nothing less that reshape the political landscape of our nation. You have lowered our taxes, protected us from run away spending, and saved us all from a tragic health care takeover that would have crippled our economy. Though you were an unexpected hero, in hindsight it is no surprise that you rose to the occasion. That is what Massachusetts does.  Thank you most sincerely.

Finally, it is also important to remember that the shots fired at the North Bridge, though great in their implication, were just the first shots of the revolution.  In order for the colonies to achieve their freedom from the crown, they had fight tirelessly against the odds for years to come.  Just like then, it is now the responsibility of every American conservative and independent to carry the banner from Massachusetts to their own states.  It is our responsibility to keep the message strong and the passions high.  We have to finish what our brothers and sisters in Massachusetts have started or the new revolution will most certainly fail under the weight of our opponents.  We have an opportunity to seize the initiative and reclaim our government in the name of the principles that made our nation the greatest in history.  The struggle has decidedly turned in our favor, and we must lead the charge to the next battle – the 2010 general election.  So, thank you Massachusetts for reminding us that we are in charge of this nation, not Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or the UAW. Thanks for standing your ground at the North Bridge once again. It is now time for the rest of us to stand with you.


Head Muscle

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9 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter to Massachusetts

  1. Robert,
    Welcome to Head Muscle thanks for stopping by. Checked out the link and had a good LOL. Thanks for the satire…..it was….right?

  2. Best piece I have read to date on this subject, Chuck. Eloquently phrased and presented, as always.

    Sign me up for the revolution, my friend. I would like to think that bloggers may have had some small influence on this particular outcome.

    You should send this piece to either the “Boston Globe” or the “Boston Herald” or the “Washington Times” for that matter. It deserves the widest dissemination possible.

    • Thanks Maine,
      I have heard a lot of “pundits” making light of this event. I even heard Neil Cavuto say this morning that he did not believe anything had fundamentally changed. In my view this is, tragically, an example of our generals failing to see the battle turn. It is obtuse and telegraphs a form of derelict defeatism that is largely responsible for us being where we are in the first place.

      We may not have the readership or “ratings” of some of these pundits, but Head Muscle will continue to bang the gong for those who will listen. Perhaps we will submit our thank you note for publishing, it would not be the first rejection.

      Thanks as usual for your insights. Keep up the great work on Mainenowandthen.

      • I truly appreciate your support and kind words. It is a real pleasure to be able to go to your blog and finds some intelligent and entertaining commentary – helps to motivate me.

        If enough of us keep at it, then our voices may make some difference after all.

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