Where Were You on 12/25 — Update

Update (28 December 19:00 EST): After almost 4 days, President Barack Obama made his first public statement about the attempted Delta/Northwest Airlines bombing.  In his long overdue statement he condemned the attempted bombing and reaffirmed to the American people that the government would not rest until everyone involved in this plot was apprehended and brought to justice.  Additionally since our initial post Al Qaeda has formally taken credit for helping plan the operation, confirming suspicions that this was a coordinated attack on our nation. Airports and airlines have responded by taking knee jerk steps to increase shoddy security procedures in the US and abroad.

In a blatant attempt to shift blame from the government, a spokesperson  pointed a finger at the airlines on ABC Evening News noting that the screening process overseas is their responsibility and that they had fallen short of the mark in order to save money.

Head Muscle maintains that a lack commitment from our nation’s leadership (in both parties) over the past 8 years made this attempted bombing possible.  We also believe that our government’s handling of this event is proof , once again, that Janet Napolitano is not fit for her office and should resign effective immediately.  Her initial response was parochial, self- serving, and ill informed and she should be held accountable.

We also stand by our pledge to call our Congressmen and other leaders to demand a long-term strategy be developed to not only prevent future incidents, but also prevent the loosening of security standards over time. We need a system that is preventative vice reactive.  Otherwise we will be  counting the dead once again and asking ourselves why.

You may read the entire Head Muscle Post at https://headmuscle.wordpress.com/2009/12/28/where-were-you-on-1225/

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1 thought on “Where Were You on 12/25 — Update

  1. We were informed this morning, courtesy of FOX News, that our intelligence community knew well in advance that al-Qaeda was planning an attack on a U.S.-bound commercial airliner, and that this information was neither correctly disseminated nor integrated into our security matrix.

    It was even communicated to our so-called “experts” that the protagonist for this act would be a Nigerian.

    It would, of course, be too much to expect our Wimp-in-Chief to take appropriate action and unload this ineffective, clueless excuse for a security administrator, but indeed Janet Napolitano (eerie and unsettling resemblance to Clinton’s AG Janet Reno?) needs to go. No doubt she lacks the courage and ethical strength to accept responsibility and resign, but that could be said about any Obama appointee.

    Time to clean house (and Senate) as you so accurately suggest.

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