The Face of Terror

ht_hasan_hood_091105_mainTake a close look at this face and remember it. You have seen it many times over the past decade.   It is the face that kills the innocent, makes sons and daughters orphans, and leaves wives as widows.  It is the face that tears down goodness and builds anguish and anarchy in its place. It is hatred, vile and black.  It loves what should be loathed and embraces what should be cast aside.  Take a close look at this face and remember it, because there are may out there who zealously deny its existence and ridicule anyone who suggests its presence in the world.  There are also those who acknowledge the face for what it is, but  blame others for its actions.  “It was our fault that 9-11 happened because we are the real terrorists,” they say in defense of the face.

Take a look at this face because, even by the most conservative estimates, there are at least another 10,200,000 of them out there… waiting.  They are looking to kill your daughters and wives – they have said so. They want everything you have including your life.  They want to replace freedom with smoke, rubble, twisted steel, and severed heads.  They are planning right now, just like Major Nidal Malik Hassan did.  Time is on their side and they know it.  They know that we have to win every time and they only have to win once.  They are committed, ready, and willing to do whatever it takes to destroy what we love.  Not because it is bad, but because we love it.

Take a good look at this face. Even though it is smiling it hates you.  Its every thought is of your demise, and it will sing praises even as you beg for mercy. It will spit at you with its last breath.  It relies on your underestimation, your lack of concern, your busy day, your skepticism, and your denial in order to succeed.  It knows that it has an ally in our weak and misguided and uses them to further its goals.  Goals that lead up to days like today.  I builds its plans on false trust.  It will be your best friend right before it kills you.

Take a good look at this face, because it is looking for you. Its dark god hungers, and your misery is its only nourishment.  Take a good look at this face. It is the face of terror – the darkest evil.  It knows who you are, can you say the same?

Head Muscle’s deepest prayers go out to the victims of today’s terrorist attack on Ft Hood, the home of America’s Fourth Infantry Division.  May the God of  Abraham bless you and keep you in this hour of great despair.

Godspeed to the fighting Fourth Infantry Division!

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8 thoughts on “The Face of Terror

  1. Chilling post. I’d like to say I think your estimate is low. It’s more then 10 million a lot more. I’d now put it at at least 360 million (at least) although I anxiously await the second half of PEW Research’s Muslim study which recently said their are 1.8 billion Muslim’s worldwide.

    In their 2006 study they concluded that between 20% and 40% of Muslims were ok with killing civilians. Of course I guess these soldiers don’t count as even as they were “soldier’s”. They’ll be releasing another number in 2010 I’m anxious to see if it has changed.

    You might find an old post of mine interesting it’s a little bit of a read though.

  2. Scary post. Unthinkably scary because it is true.

    I wish the press would start calling suicide bombers “homocide bombers”. Because they are killing others – that’s homocide. Their own death is meaniingless. It doesn’t qualify as suicide because in my book they don’t even deserve to be counted in the number of deaths.

    And I wish the airport screeners would stop picking me for extra searching. The police don’t suspect me of being a serial killer because I’m not a white male age 30-40 that’s an unemployed loser with mother issues living in my parents’ basement. If the regular police can use profiling why can’t the airport screeners? Leave me alone and search someone that fits the profile.

    Wow I’m really ranting now!

    • It is scary, and sad. Since I wrote this post a few days ago, the press has slowly revealed the depth of this guy’s affiliation with radical jihadists. I am now of the mind that our own political correctness killed those 13 poor unfortunate souls.

      We need to wake up as nation and take this threat on. Like I said in my post, they take advantage of the weak and misguided to fulfill their mission.

      Thanks for the comment Diane.

      Head Muscle is in Korea this week and will hopefully will have some interesting posts in the next few days.

  3. Scary post.

    The thing that frustrates me is that in public discourse in this country, people who call a spade a spade are somehow condemned. This guy was a terrorist who reached out to radical Islamists and who killed for the glory of Allah. From everything I’m reading, that’s just the plain truth- through and through. And we need to confront that plain truth.

    Man- how much different would our country be if our leaders would just speak plainly about grave and real threats. We used to could do this, I think. Not anymore. What changed?

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