Charisma is Content

I could not help but note the below picture in today’s Drudge Report.

As I looked at our President’s image, it reminded me of something that I could not quite put my finger on. Then it hit me. Being somewhat of a history buff, I realized that this very same photo had been taken many times throughout the decades.  Oddly enough however, the only images that flashed through my mind were of  history’s most infamous socialists, communists, and tyrants.  Have a look – see any similarities?

For the life of me, I just cannot seem to remember Ronald Reagan with his fist in the air yelling at the camera. I am certainly not suggesting that Obama is a vicious tyrant, just that it is possible they all used the same speaking coach.  Shake your fist and wag your finger shouting “change” or whatever bromide you choose.  Just remember, the peasants don’t care what you say as long as you do it with passion. The camera does not lie, for socialists, charisma is content!


FOLLOW UP: In fairness, after some searching, I did find one fairly charismatic picture of Ronald Reagan. I cannot help but think that it might be ironically instructive for our current GOP leadership.

2 thoughts on “Charisma is Content

    • Thanks Marque.
      Love the Ted Kennedy piece you wrote as well as your latest piece on Obama’s speech. Good stuff.
      I am just getting started and have more ideas than time. Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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